Pyramid at the Louvre, Paris

Louvre pyramid

A picture from a couple of years ago, very late one night on the way back from dinner. The Louvre is swamped with tourists during the day, which doesn’t make for good photos. Come back late, though, and it’s deserted, as everyone has headed off in search of dinner and nightlife. You have the place almost to yourself. The water on the shallow pools that surround the pyramid, itself the entrance to the museum and its ticket hall, are still and undisturbed, making for perfect reflections.

As any Dan Brown fan will likely tell you, the Pyramid apparently has 666 panes of glass spread about its four sides. In truth, it doesn’t, though. The actual number is 673. The 666-pane myth has been circulating since the 1980s, first appearing in the construction brochure, which you might reasonably have expected to be accurate.

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